Monday, January 18, 2016

Being home is safer...

Being home is safer
Than witnessing sorrow in the eyes of fellow bus riders
Being pressured by peers to get a little bit higher
Feeling awkward when the cashier hands me my extra dollars,
Wanting to say so much more than
‘thank you’
being home is safer
than inhaling car fumes on the walk to buy groceries
facing my own shadows when I encounter people I envy
when I pass someone on the street, our eyes meet, mouths open to say hello,
but sound doesn’t get the memo
so we word it with our lips, was that moment missed?
Being home is safer than facing fears
Saying no to the beggar who asks for money,
Who looks hungry,
But only feeds their addictions
Being judged head to toe by people you don’t know
Seeing a row of cars collide right before your eyes
And realizing if you were 10 seconds earlier,
You could have died
Being home is safer
Than leaving people you love without saying goodbye
Getting yelled at by a teacher for letting out a sigh
Being ignored by your secret crush when you give them a smile
Being home is safe
Cushioned with the familiarity of control
Decorated in easy to receive pleasures
Boxed up with pre set patterns and tied with a bow
No stress, no pressures, no where to go,
But it’s when you’re out of your comfort zone that character grows
You’d never know the potential of water unless you’ve experienced snow
It may be cold but the beauty is worth it
Challenges are opportunities for you to realize your capability
Difficult times are life’s way of showing you that you’re worthy
Don’t stop when life gets hard because blessings are a few yards down the road
Hitchhiking across America 2 years in a row, opened up my mind to parts of myself I would’ve never known

Being home is safe yes, but I’m not afraid to roam

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Excuse this post

I'm fucking pissed off that I can't even cry about it. Okay I can cry, but just a little and then my fists clench up again and I get up with a fierceness that slices space. 
My sister is the source of my frustration. There's no respect for boundaries, personal space or the fact that we share the attic.
I feel like I don't belong here
I love my family, my parents, my sisters. But I can't keep comforting my older sister like I'm her mom and then expecting the same kind of loving kindness. Each time I'm met with an emptiness that screams disrespect and unappreciation.
While I was away she used my room as her storage space and energetically vomitted her chaotic doubtful energy all over my sacred temple and as I clean up after HER mess she tells me to stop what I'm doing because her and her immature 30 something boyfriend are going to have sex. And the weirdest part is she said it like they were going to have a board meeting that they planned days ago. Some stale arrangement based off of cult like fetishes, not love. 
My back hurts, I ate hummus and tortilla chips and my belly feels blubberifigle. 
The song one day plays in my mind and I feel like a hypocrite.
I'm a peaceful, spiritual loving person but right now I am in rage and flame is piercing the places along my spine that are already inflammed by food choices and toxic resentment.
Why has this pattern followed us for so long?
I feel like I don't belong here; like I won't be here very long. Like there's a haven waiting for me, a dim light ready to shine and summon me home.
But not until I pass this test:

I can handle that.
I understand that she is exploring herself and that I used to make love when she was around without even forwarning her. At least she gave me a notice, right?
It's not like she purposefully had intercourse just so I couldn't finish cleaning and go to sleep.
It's not like she knows that I had insomnia last night and I want to go to my dreamworld.

My partner and I want to live together. He can't live here at my parents house. And if I want to live with him then I better get used to not sleeping here. Perhaps this is a cosmic forshadowing of my future moving arrangements and the temporary nature of things.

I feel better. I'm still sleepy but I'm not angry.
Actually I feel inspired to look up apartments and beautiful homes and practice visualizing myself with the love of my life living in harmony near nature. Near the t station or somewhere with easy access to trasportation. Throw in a hybrid- bio diesel powered car while I'm at it..
And lots of community events that bring people together and create sustainability, connection and power to the people!


Keep shifting, keep moving, keep expressing and be still.
Blessings are on the way

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Traveling tips from a stranger's home

As a traveler, I have picked up on a lot of tips, styles and details while exploring the world. I've traveled small distances, across the USA and other countries. I've ran in to challenges and huge blessings along my journey and would like to share with you some of the things I've learned.
Before we start I'd like to point out, whether you've traveled to all the continents on earth or just around your city, if you enjoy seeing new places, discovering culture, witnessing beauty, meeting new people all while moving your legs, YOU ARE A TRAVELER! 
And a unique one!
No one has ever set foot exactly where you have been in the same sequence of events and experienced the same emotions or perspective as you,
And for that I honor you and your inner navigation that so intelligently guides you.
With that comes my first tip: 

Trust. Trust your feelings, trust the signs that reoccur-they have purpose, trust the people who want to help you-there are angels in this world who happen to be human. Trust that whatever happens you will learn, grow and have life experiences that are special and sacred.

Next, Have Intentions but keep your plans loose while traveling. Don't try to control what happens too much but have a purpose behind what your doing. 
It can be as general as meeting new people or as specific as finding a new breed of wild mushroom in the fields of New Zealand.

The next is a pragmatic tip- invest in a high quality stainless steel water bottle that you can reuse and keep water with you at all times. Stay hydrated!

My fourth suggestion is to try different modes of traveling. There's always the option of taking a plane if you are going lost distances, but consider driving and taking a road trip or a train. Most of the time we only think of the ways we have to pay for but I emphasize using more eccentric modes such as hitchhiking and using ride sharing websites. These ways give you the chance to change direction at any moment and see more places in between your starting point and destination. Hitching rides gives you opportunities like meeting so many people, sharing your story with them, witnessing so many walks of life and forces you to let go of trying to control everything!

Which brings me to the last tip for this article:
Surrender and let your journey unfold in the wings of magic and be held in the hands of the Divine. Because with faith and love you will be guided, protected and provided for.

All of these tips comes from my personal experience. Remember that your attitude determines your experience- you are so powerful!
Thank you dear traveler for reading this. Please share with other explorers and go risk it to get the biscuit!
Peace homie

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

To receive abundance, give abundance

Everywhere in the world people are waking up to this idea of attracting abundance. Realizing that our thoughts magnetically draw us into the reality we live has helped many people begin to take responsibility for what they are experiencing. 
In this post I'll share with you three simple things you can do right NOW that will get you into a more abundant mindset. 

people are asking: 'so if i think about money, i will make money, right?'
Yes, and no. 
If you are thinking about money and feel bad about money and feel undeserving, icky, or greedy around money than you are not attracting abundance. You are attracting scarcity. How to know what you are attracting? Only your feelings can tell you that.. Pay attention to how you feel.
A lot of my friends are extrememly creative and talented and have a lot to share with the world but are still stuck in a mindset of lack, of being broke and not knowing how to make money..
I heard a quote today that shifted my thinking: "There's not a lack of money in the world, there's a lack of people who know how to make money."

And it IS a process, there's a momentum that takes TIME to build up so be patient and start with your thinking!
Here's three simple steps to start attracting abundance: 

 Realize there is enough money in the world for everyone to have more than they need and could ever want. 

Second, change what you are wearing and seeing. If your clothes are dirty and wrinkled, and your couch has foam falling out of it, then change your environment. Where you live is your personal creative space and it affects your mood. Paint happy feeling colors on the wall. Scrub your toenails and give yourself a spa day. 
Clean your closet, your kitchen cupboards. Throw away any unhealthy foods and condiments that are not serving your vitality and joy.
Take action upon this now. Start small and do little things everyday.

Third and most important!! GIVE.
Help others. Whether it is making dinner for your family, sending a friend a letter that you wrote by hand, doing some yardwork for an elder across the street. By giving to others you are passing on the energy of abundance to someone else. You are improving the well being of others and thus you are creating ripples of richness that inevitably come back to you.
Don't expect anything in return.
Give unselfishly and feel the joy that comes with that and be satisfied just knowing you are being of service.
This is the real game changer...

Abundance takes action to propel it. Don't just read this, but act upon it and remember life is meant to be fun! Even if you don't have much money there's always something to be grateful for and ways to bring joy into your life :) 

Happy moon day <3

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pooff ***

2014 has been a very challenging year for me. I turned 18 and realized all the ways I had relied on my parents and taken their wealth for granted. I realized I was a somewhat spoiled and sheltered baby who had no idea what life was like for most people on the planet, who never had a job in my life so I had a very poor work ethic and a lot of self centered attitudes. I have realized many of my beliefs around abundance and mainly lack of it. I have truly started to reverse imbalanced eating patterns that I've had since a young child. I'm starting to take full responsibility for the pain and dissatisfaction I've created in myself and adopted a real desire to heal and connect to others. 
Not only that but I broke up and got back together with my partner. Traveled to upstate New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC area, and hitchhiked to California. I've started school online at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am on my way to becoming a health coach. I got reiki 1, 2, and 3 attunements and am on my way to reiki mastery and greater healing within myself.. 
Okay. So I've shedded a lot and initiated a lot and am basically building a whole new life for myself. The point of this shpeel is to show you how in one year or less you can completely change your life. You can reverse the direction of your attention, your mind, your emotions and start to create a life that you are excited about living, that is purposeful, beneficial to all and one that makes you feel goood. Excited, passionate, loved. 
How do you do this? 
Start with gratitude for what is already good. We're talking perception shifting. New eyes. Seeing what is right in front of you. Your breath, you are breathing and don't even have to try. 
What turns on your creativity? How do you feel when you can use your gifts or interests to help others?
I started the year completely unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, how I was going to support myself, scared for my health, not completely sure I wanted to be in such a comitted relationship, insecure in many ways that I was afraid of admitting and you know what? I was thinking about myself a whole lot. I was so self focused that I couldn't even see all the beauty and blessings that were around me. 
I am still working on this and know that I have so much to heal, to let go of and to Remember, and I'm okay with that because I know it can only get better. 
It will get better. You reading this shows that it is only getting better! 
Trust yourself, be prepared for a long journey and have fun! Make life feel good, it is supposed to feel good, the kind of good that relies on no external object, the good that radiates from your heart as joy and has no limits. Let this goodness be your journey. You are supported and loved far more than you realize. 
I love you. You can do it! 

(Receiving is becoming) 


Thursday, December 25, 2014

More Christ

Happy Christmas everyone! I sincerely wish you a day to celebrate and appreciate life with your family and closest friends. Today many people celebrate the birth of a beautiful healer that people in America call Jesus. He has many names all over the world, but this does not change who he was. We all hear stories about Jesus and they tend to recycle over and over. But! No one really knows what the life of Jesus was truly lik. I like to imagine it...
In a hot dry area of Earth there was a humble man who worked as a fisherman and a carpenter. He had a profound connection to nature and could calm storms, walk on water and turn water into wine. He didn't brag or show off his power but wanted others to understand it, understand their connection to nature. He had the deepest love for people and others would come to him to listen to his stories, and receive the affection and intimacy he had for all of life...
Jesus was born in a farm around animals in a dirty and rather smelly stable. He grew up in a house made of sand, straw and clay. He had a pet dog that he would play with daily and it was his best friend. He would walk 2 miles a day to get water for his family when he was in his teen years. A lot of young people hung around the well and they like to observe Jesus. Many girls thought he was homosexual, but he was actually very sensitive and had a strong attraction towards a woman named Mary Megdelene. They met while in  their twenties and had a very strong bond. Some called them soul twins. They began teaching healing arts at a young age and would cure people using reiki, herbs and mushroom tea. They would travel the land and go from village to village sharing their healing remedies and teach people..
His first peak of the world may have been up at the shining stars, or a donkey, or maybe his mother's gentle eyes. At a very young age Jesus had an adventurous spirit; he would wander off to the temples to hear sermons and walk around town to talk to scholars and religious leaders. He didn't conform to the religion of his time, but rather had a direct connection to the truth of God's love and wisdom from within HimSelf. He was so connected to this wisdom and love that people began following him and worshiping him. He never asked for this but embraced the people as his children even so.
This man was humble, emotional, and Caring. He wanted everyone to be free and liberated from pain. He was pure love. And this is who was are celebrating today...
I like to imagine Jesus was dark skin and hair and shining brown eyes with thin sandals on his feet and dusty colored robes. The skin around his ankles and toes was dry and cracked. His beard got mangy and long at times. His hands were strong and kind and worn from his work as a fisher and builder.

Many loving masters such as Jesus lived very humbling lives with no desire for fame or personal recognition. Just remember that this man did not want you to worship him, he wanted to be received and he wanted his teachings to be acted out, not just heard.
What ways can you be humble and generous in your life?
What ways can you help others without expecting anything in return?

I love to ponder the lives of those who we read about in history class or church. What was their environment like, their family life, their food, their clothes, the sound of their voice, the way they interacted with others.. We have the ability to create lives with our imaginations! Think beyond the story someone else tells you. Keep creating, keep loving, and be like Jesus today.
Thank you for reading! Please share and I'm sending you my love and apprecication! <3 <3 <3 <3

Friday, October 31, 2014

What do I want to create? That's a big one.

     Currently, I am going through health coaching training and we are doing intention setting exercises. For the past hour I have been asking myself questions such as, why do you want to do the program? what makes you inspired? what motivates you? what difference do you want to make in the world? what is your life's purpose?
     These are hearty things to ponder. As I wrote my answers down, I am realizing that I sometimes hesitate to ask myself these questions because the weight of these questions are enough to change your life! The cogs in my brain are spinning and grinding and I felt myself thinking that my answers were somehow not good enough, that they were incomplete, that it couldn't be that simple.
I thought that I had to get into a certain state of mind to answer such deep questions, but then it hit me: Once I answer the question, more answers will come to me. I can have as many answers as I want and none of them are wrong or insincere! Of course, some will be stronger rooted desires and  those are the ones to pay the most attention to. I'd like to share some of my answers with you all~

What is your life's purpose? "My life's purpose is to be my healthiest and most loving and share that with people. To be free and tackle the challenges of this planet with solutions everyone can create. To reawaken the heart and bring people together to create healing together."
As I wrote that another desire came into my mind.
I am here to use my voice to heal and unite all beings on this planet. 

And so, let me share some loving suggestions with you to bring health and vitality into your life and hopefully I inspire you to create change and spread it!!
 1. Drink more water
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
4. Find enjoyable physical activity and do it often
5. Have fun and play!

~From my heartSoul to You