Wednesday, February 18, 2015

To receive abundance, give abundance

Everywhere in the world people are waking up to this idea of attracting abundance. Realizing that our thoughts magnetically draw us into the reality we live has helped many people begin to take responsibility for what they are experiencing. 
In this post I'll share with you three simple things you can do right NOW that will get you into a more abundant mindset. 

people are asking: 'so if i think about money, i will make money, right?'
Yes, and no. 
If you are thinking about money and feel bad about money and feel undeserving, icky, or greedy around money than you are not attracting abundance. You are attracting scarcity. How to know what you are attracting? Only your feelings can tell you that.. Pay attention to how you feel.
A lot of my friends are extrememly creative and talented and have a lot to share with the world but are still stuck in a mindset of lack, of being broke and not knowing how to make money..
I heard a quote today that shifted my thinking: "There's not a lack of money in the world, there's a lack of people who know how to make money."

And it IS a process, there's a momentum that takes TIME to build up so be patient and start with your thinking!
Here's three simple steps to start attracting abundance: 

 Realize there is enough money in the world for everyone to have more than they need and could ever want. 

Second, change what you are wearing and seeing. If your clothes are dirty and wrinkled, and your couch has foam falling out of it, then change your environment. Where you live is your personal creative space and it affects your mood. Paint happy feeling colors on the wall. Scrub your toenails and give yourself a spa day. 
Clean your closet, your kitchen cupboards. Throw away any unhealthy foods and condiments that are not serving your vitality and joy.
Take action upon this now. Start small and do little things everyday.

Third and most important!! GIVE.
Help others. Whether it is making dinner for your family, sending a friend a letter that you wrote by hand, doing some yardwork for an elder across the street. By giving to others you are passing on the energy of abundance to someone else. You are improving the well being of others and thus you are creating ripples of richness that inevitably come back to you.
Don't expect anything in return.
Give unselfishly and feel the joy that comes with that and be satisfied just knowing you are being of service.
This is the real game changer...

Abundance takes action to propel it. Don't just read this, but act upon it and remember life is meant to be fun! Even if you don't have much money there's always something to be grateful for and ways to bring joy into your life :) 

Happy moon day <3

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