Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Existentialism vs Monotheism

Can the two coexist and both be true?
Can a person believe they have full creative power over their thoughts, their feelings and their life while believing in a higher power that created the universe down to every single miniscule detail??
Where's the line between 'I did that' and 'God did that.' Maybe 'God did that because I let [Him] do it through me' is more true than both of the above. 
If God exists, does [He] respect our personal boundaries and choices, did [He] the creator of everything give us our free will to choose whether we wanted to be as Holy as [He] or defy the creator as bodly as a misbehaving child?
Learning of the Law of Attraction has given me questions more detailed than these. Did the Creator of all the universes implement Universal Laws to govern our lives while making us think that we are totally free to do whatever we want or are these mysterious Universal Laws our guide to actually receiving the desires of our hearts and minds?
Maybe the Laws are the pathway back to the Source of Creation Itself.
Maybe the Universal Laws existed before God and gods. Is there really one all seeing eye that witnesses and observes all the things happening in the universe simultaneousy? Is this eye only witnessing or is this consciousness directly experiencing? 
Is this consciousness God? 
Is it experiencing with us, or AS us, or both?
Is God not only the infinite pool of wisdom love and creativity but actually the experiencer of life itself? In this notion there is no separation between Creator and Created. There is an intimacy between the thinker and her thoughts.
If you have ever dwindled in the world of psychodelic plants then you may be able to grasp this next one easier:
What if everything, not just every 'living' thing, but EVERYTHING, All matter, Is inseperable from consciousness. All things contain and are birthed from energy that is moving, vibrating, breathing even, FEELING. 
So building upon that, God has somehow stitched [Himself] into every fiber of existance and continues to expand with awareness of expanding. 
And we are a part of that expansion. We are a way for this consciousness to express Itself in new ways that bring expansion to the heart of Creation.
And if we are made of the fibers of Intelligent Creation (God) then we must have creative control as well because we are One. 
So I do create my life then, and I do choose my thoughts and emotions and responses and I am an all powerful creator. 
Not because I believe in God, but because I AM GOD... 

Friday, August 15, 2014

I am a woman not plastic

A story from my childhood:
I was about 3 years old, living in the suburbs outside of Pittsburgh where I attended a private Christian school. I grew up in a quiet neighborhood and loving atmosphere. I had friends on my street that I used to play with everyday. 
There was a hot day in the middle of summer, year 1999. I was wearing a two piece bathing suite as I walked outside into the heat. 
Across the road a neighbor saw my adorable self and said something like 'her chubbiness is so cute!' 
I heard her and became immediately self conscious. I ran inside and didn't want to be in my bathing suite anymore
I was this appearance oriented already at the age of 3. I'm sure that any little kid can be shy but I feel like this situation was directly linked to the media's portrayal of women and even girls. 
People focus so much on how we look and always comment on our hair our clothes our makeup our looks that we start to focus on them just to get approval by others. This happens even to tiny children!
And I'm getting really bored and fed up with it. I do not want to be acknowledged for my fashion choices as the main facet of my being lol. I am a woman! I am a sensitive empathic creative human that is loving! And thats what I want to be noticed for.
I have really been soul diving and allowing myself to stray away from the media's ideal of a perfect body. I am adopting myself the way I am. 
The truth of the whole matter is, if you feel good you will look good. Not the other way around.
Superficiality is appealing temporarily but it will never satisfy our need to be accepted and loved unconditionally.
If you are a woman who dresses up to look good, if you do your hair and makeup everyday, if you feel naked in public without those, realize: you are beautiful without those things. You can feel confident without adding anything.
You don't have to try!
Please encourage girls and women in your life that they are beautiful just as they are. Even if you are around women who are self assured and seem put together, trust me, they really need to hear it. 
The most beautiful women in the world tend to not realize just how beautiful they are because they are trying to reach a standard. Please tell your mom, your sister, your girlfriend, your best friend just how beautiful and unique and amazing she is. Tell her at a time when she would least expect it, like in a pair of sweat pants with her hair up, or after yoga. 
We need to change the way women see themselves. This is truly an epidemic that I have personally fallen victim to. 
Men, you too! You have the ability to change this mindset just as much as women do. 
Share this with a woman you love. And keep encouraging young girls to be themselves. 
Practice not looking in the mirror so often and see how it changes the way you see yourself. I like you just the way you are, I hope you do too.

Try by Colbie Caillat:

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Last August I left my house intending to go on an epic adventure with my friend.
We ended up at our friend's house that night and the movie Yes Man was on tv. If you haven't seen this movie, PLEASE watch it. Not only is Jim Carey smashingly handsome but this movie taught me to take risks and I ended up going hitchhiking the next day.
The premise of the story was to say yes to all offers and opportunities that present themselves and don't hold back on taking chances. This doesn't apply to ALL situations, but it does to most.
Think about it, if you said yes to everything that was asked of you, you could do everything you want and discover things that you love that you didn't know you loved! You don't know what you don't know. The best job in the world could be waiting for you that you may have never heard of.
You could be vacationing in Hawaii if you decided to enter the free sweepstakes offering a luxury trip. You could be having a date with your soul mate if you decided to make an eharmony account like your mom suggested. You could be eating the best meal of your life if you decided to try a new restaurant this weekend. You could be making the best song ever if you decided to go over and talk to that cool dude who just happened to own a recording studio..
Anything is possible!!!!

Don't let that little voice in your mind hold you back from trying new things. Life is too short! Don't grow up with regret. It's never too late to start, no matter what age you are.

Not only can we accept the offers given to us from other people, but also the suggestions inside our minds. When we get an idea to do something, the best moment to do it is then! Don't wait.
Even the tiny things can lead us to life changing experiences.
 Let's say you are walking down the road and you pass up an intersecting street. Something inside you says, go back and turn down that road. So you go back and do it. As you are walking you see a bicycle sitting on the side of someone's yard with a sign that says "for sale. name your price." This happens to be the exact bicycle you wanted. Same color, frame, brand, and style!! You buy the bike ride it to your friend's house and they end up taking you to a concert in the park where you met to meet the band that is now your favorite band.

This is the way things work. So go watch that movie and see what happens :D