Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Existentialism vs Monotheism

Can the two coexist and both be true?
Can a person believe they have full creative power over their thoughts, their feelings and their life while believing in a higher power that created the universe down to every single miniscule detail??
Where's the line between 'I did that' and 'God did that.' Maybe 'God did that because I let [Him] do it through me' is more true than both of the above. 
If God exists, does [He] respect our personal boundaries and choices, did [He] the creator of everything give us our free will to choose whether we wanted to be as Holy as [He] or defy the creator as bodly as a misbehaving child?
Learning of the Law of Attraction has given me questions more detailed than these. Did the Creator of all the universes implement Universal Laws to govern our lives while making us think that we are totally free to do whatever we want or are these mysterious Universal Laws our guide to actually receiving the desires of our hearts and minds?
Maybe the Laws are the pathway back to the Source of Creation Itself.
Maybe the Universal Laws existed before God and gods. Is there really one all seeing eye that witnesses and observes all the things happening in the universe simultaneousy? Is this eye only witnessing or is this consciousness directly experiencing? 
Is this consciousness God? 
Is it experiencing with us, or AS us, or both?
Is God not only the infinite pool of wisdom love and creativity but actually the experiencer of life itself? In this notion there is no separation between Creator and Created. There is an intimacy between the thinker and her thoughts.
If you have ever dwindled in the world of psychodelic plants then you may be able to grasp this next one easier:
What if everything, not just every 'living' thing, but EVERYTHING, All matter, Is inseperable from consciousness. All things contain and are birthed from energy that is moving, vibrating, breathing even, FEELING. 
So building upon that, God has somehow stitched [Himself] into every fiber of existance and continues to expand with awareness of expanding. 
And we are a part of that expansion. We are a way for this consciousness to express Itself in new ways that bring expansion to the heart of Creation.
And if we are made of the fibers of Intelligent Creation (God) then we must have creative control as well because we are One. 
So I do create my life then, and I do choose my thoughts and emotions and responses and I am an all powerful creator. 
Not because I believe in God, but because I AM GOD... 

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