Saturday, October 25, 2014


 Before you begin reading, practice your best British accent and use it as you read the post. It's meant to be that way for the full experience.

Snogging. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Two men wrestling in the mud? Smacking
dough into a thin crust? Throwing a punch and missing as you fling your body to the ground?
Maybe you think of two people having a full out PDA, hands, tongues and all?
This word is a British word for kissing. Just kissing, not necessarily sloppy, it sounds sloppy doens't it? So juicy.
One time I had a friend ask if I wanted to snog and I thought he was asking me to go snorkling or pig riding. I looked at him quizzically then his lips spread into a cute/exasperated smile. He leaned toward me and I jumped which bumped my head into his and he started laughing. "What's snogging?" I asked. "Let me show you."
He gently held the back of my neck and placed his smooth mouth on mine.
I started blushing and he kissed my pink cheeks.

I later wondered if all cross-cultural snogs happen in a similar fashion.
Does every first snog have to be so cute and awkward. I think it's better that way. Puts away the pride.
My current boyfriend and I had our first snog when we were high from MaryMuffins. I'm not sure he entirely remembers it but I do. We layed on the top of Observatory Hill on a warm June evening. We both were glazed over and melting into the dark grass. We looked into each others eyes and it just happened. My throat felt as if I had just swallowed the kiss we shared. It wasn't much action but there was a lot of energy circulating between us, the charge was high and the shyness was saturated.
The bashful energy lasted between us for a long time. I still experience it on occasion.

I think that being shy is a blessing. For me it is the moment of high intensity that arises uncontrollably. It reveals new desires and parts of oneself that were unexpressed and undiscovered previously.

What is a snogging memory that you remember vividly?
What is one time that you were shy to snog?
What was the first thing you thought of when you heard the word snog?
Have a blessed day*

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