Friday, October 31, 2014

What do I want to create? That's a big one.

     Currently, I am going through health coaching training and we are doing intention setting exercises. For the past hour I have been asking myself questions such as, why do you want to do the program? what makes you inspired? what motivates you? what difference do you want to make in the world? what is your life's purpose?
     These are hearty things to ponder. As I wrote my answers down, I am realizing that I sometimes hesitate to ask myself these questions because the weight of these questions are enough to change your life! The cogs in my brain are spinning and grinding and I felt myself thinking that my answers were somehow not good enough, that they were incomplete, that it couldn't be that simple.
I thought that I had to get into a certain state of mind to answer such deep questions, but then it hit me: Once I answer the question, more answers will come to me. I can have as many answers as I want and none of them are wrong or insincere! Of course, some will be stronger rooted desires and  those are the ones to pay the most attention to. I'd like to share some of my answers with you all~

What is your life's purpose? "My life's purpose is to be my healthiest and most loving and share that with people. To be free and tackle the challenges of this planet with solutions everyone can create. To reawaken the heart and bring people together to create healing together."
As I wrote that another desire came into my mind.
I am here to use my voice to heal and unite all beings on this planet. 

And so, let me share some loving suggestions with you to bring health and vitality into your life and hopefully I inspire you to create change and spread it!!
 1. Drink more water
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
4. Find enjoyable physical activity and do it often
5. Have fun and play!

~From my heartSoul to You

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