Monday, January 18, 2016

Being home is safer...

Being home is safer
Than witnessing sorrow in the eyes of fellow bus riders
Being pressured by peers to get a little bit higher
Feeling awkward when the cashier hands me my extra dollars,
Wanting to say so much more than
‘thank you’
being home is safer
than inhaling car fumes on the walk to buy groceries
facing my own shadows when I encounter people I envy
when I pass someone on the street, our eyes meet, mouths open to say hello,
but sound doesn’t get the memo
so we word it with our lips, was that moment missed?
Being home is safer than facing fears
Saying no to the beggar who asks for money,
Who looks hungry,
But only feeds their addictions
Being judged head to toe by people you don’t know
Seeing a row of cars collide right before your eyes
And realizing if you were 10 seconds earlier,
You could have died
Being home is safer
Than leaving people you love without saying goodbye
Getting yelled at by a teacher for letting out a sigh
Being ignored by your secret crush when you give them a smile
Being home is safe
Cushioned with the familiarity of control
Decorated in easy to receive pleasures
Boxed up with pre set patterns and tied with a bow
No stress, no pressures, no where to go,
But it’s when you’re out of your comfort zone that character grows
You’d never know the potential of water unless you’ve experienced snow
It may be cold but the beauty is worth it
Challenges are opportunities for you to realize your capability
Difficult times are life’s way of showing you that you’re worthy
Don’t stop when life gets hard because blessings are a few yards down the road
Hitchhiking across America 2 years in a row, opened up my mind to parts of myself I would’ve never known

Being home is safe yes, but I’m not afraid to roam