Thursday, December 25, 2014

More Christ

Happy Christmas everyone! I sincerely wish you a day to celebrate and appreciate life with your family and closest friends. Today many people celebrate the birth of a beautiful healer that people in America call Jesus. He has many names all over the world, but this does not change who he was. We all hear stories about Jesus and they tend to recycle over and over. But! No one really knows what the life of Jesus was truly lik. I like to imagine it...
In a hot dry area of Earth there was a humble man who worked as a fisherman and a carpenter. He had a profound connection to nature and could calm storms, walk on water and turn water into wine. He didn't brag or show off his power but wanted others to understand it, understand their connection to nature. He had the deepest love for people and others would come to him to listen to his stories, and receive the affection and intimacy he had for all of life...
Jesus was born in a farm around animals in a dirty and rather smelly stable. He grew up in a house made of sand, straw and clay. He had a pet dog that he would play with daily and it was his best friend. He would walk 2 miles a day to get water for his family when he was in his teen years. A lot of young people hung around the well and they like to observe Jesus. Many girls thought he was homosexual, but he was actually very sensitive and had a strong attraction towards a woman named Mary Megdelene. They met while in  their twenties and had a very strong bond. Some called them soul twins. They began teaching healing arts at a young age and would cure people using reiki, herbs and mushroom tea. They would travel the land and go from village to village sharing their healing remedies and teach people..
His first peak of the world may have been up at the shining stars, or a donkey, or maybe his mother's gentle eyes. At a very young age Jesus had an adventurous spirit; he would wander off to the temples to hear sermons and walk around town to talk to scholars and religious leaders. He didn't conform to the religion of his time, but rather had a direct connection to the truth of God's love and wisdom from within HimSelf. He was so connected to this wisdom and love that people began following him and worshiping him. He never asked for this but embraced the people as his children even so.
This man was humble, emotional, and Caring. He wanted everyone to be free and liberated from pain. He was pure love. And this is who was are celebrating today...
I like to imagine Jesus was dark skin and hair and shining brown eyes with thin sandals on his feet and dusty colored robes. The skin around his ankles and toes was dry and cracked. His beard got mangy and long at times. His hands were strong and kind and worn from his work as a fisher and builder.

Many loving masters such as Jesus lived very humbling lives with no desire for fame or personal recognition. Just remember that this man did not want you to worship him, he wanted to be received and he wanted his teachings to be acted out, not just heard.
What ways can you be humble and generous in your life?
What ways can you help others without expecting anything in return?

I love to ponder the lives of those who we read about in history class or church. What was their environment like, their family life, their food, their clothes, the sound of their voice, the way they interacted with others.. We have the ability to create lives with our imaginations! Think beyond the story someone else tells you. Keep creating, keep loving, and be like Jesus today.
Thank you for reading! Please share and I'm sending you my love and apprecication! <3 <3 <3 <3

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