Saturday, July 26, 2014

Response Ability

Ever wonder if humans chose to incarnate here in these bodies or if we were commanded to by some mysterious godly force or maybe even another race of human-like beings.
Ever think about the ability to choose every thought we have or choose our attitude about the circumstances in our lives?
If you know about the Law of Attraction you might watch your thoughts because you know that what you think is what you get.

I call the innate choosing function within every person, our Response Ability. We exercise this Response Ability every single day, every moment, every thought, every feeling. For example, you wake up and have endless options for what you want to do that day, what you want to get out of that day. Maybe you take a shower, maybe you go jogging, maybe you call a friend, maybe you write a 5 page paper on why you love being Irish. Besides just what we do we also exercise our Response Ability in how we think. So you wake up and maybe you dread getting out of bed, or maybe you jump out of bed excited and ready to take on the day, maybe you get up slowly and stretch enjoying the first breath of the day, maybe you start crying because you remember some tragedy that happened last month, maybe you get up and feel so confused as to what you really want to do...

All of these responses are chosen. Wanna know why? Because despite our circumstances, despite our relationships, our lifestyle, our finances, our appearance, every single person in the world has the opportunity at every moment to say: 'I am going to be my best today. I am going to remain optimistic despite what my life looks like because I know everything is just getting better, I am getting healthier, I am making better decisions and choosing better feeling thoughts because I know I can have what I want. I am the creator of my life and I will not settle for anything less than beautiful and joyful and fulfilling. I am going to live a life I love because it's simple. I am going to utilize my resources and have gratitude for what I have.'

Even though many of those thoughts might be hard to choose for a person who's depressed or someone who is extremely unhealthy, we always have the ability to improve our thinking even just a little bit. If we practice this Response Ability conscientiously and take RESPONSIBILITY for everything in our lives we can no longer fall victims to our own lives. This might sound terrible to some because it's a hard thing to do, but it is the most satisfying, empowering, life enhancing thing we could ever do for ourselves.

Once we decide to change, nothing can get in the way. Consistency is key, just like exercise or learning to play and instrument, or learning a new language or riding a bike. Improving our thoughts takes consistent fine tuning as we learn to feel better and see life as a ride instead of a burden.

If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life.

One positive thought is more powerful than 10,000 negative thoughts.

You reap what you sow.

If you continue to think what you've always thought, you're going to get what you have always got.

A great exercise to start thinking better thoughts is to write it down! Ask yourself what you want? What makes you happy? What foods make you feel good? What things do you want? What do you want to learn? Anything that gets you excited, feeling good, and inspired.

I will write more posts about this topic so please keep checking for new articles and Keep Going! You have already come so far!!

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